Its a painting party!

Over this past weekend my friend Chloe and I wanted meet up and have one of our famous paint parties! We decided to do it on Sunday, I grabbed all of my painting gear, jumped into my car, and drove down to Chloe’s house. The day was pretty gloomy but still hot as heck. But the heat was so nice since it had been gloomy and freezing for the past few months!

This was our second ever painting party, the first one being at the beginning of the year. We try to do them as often as possible, but it is hard because Chloe and I have such different schedules. Chloe and I do not really get to see each other so when we do it is so nice to catch up with her and hear and tell funny and recent stories with each other. We listened to some good old classics and jam songs as we painted our hearts away and danced the day away.

After about two hours of painting our masterpieces were finally done. I decided to paint a cactus which matched with my painting I painted at our last painting party. Chloe decided on painting just some cool shapes and illusions with some bright and colorful paints! Chloe’s ended up looking so cool and trippy, while mine on the other hand looked pretty basic with basic plain colors. But hey you win some you lose some!

We ended our panting day which some dance moms, which Chloe and I both bound over and watch almost every time we hang out, and dinned on some fine chines food. I finally headed home at about eight thirty and passed out right when I got home!

The day was overall super fun and I had such a good time hanging out with Chloe. Our day was filled with good classic memories and endless laughter.

Did you guys do anything fun or unique this weekend? Have you ever had a painting party? Do you have anything fun I could try for next week? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca!


Sunny Funny Days!

Over this past weekend my friends Georgia, Olivia, Miranda, and I decided to go for a drive through the mountains of Montecito. After about an hour of driving me decided to stop and look at the view, so we parked Georgia’s truck and adventured around. The view was amazing and the sky was so blue with not a single cloud in the sky! On our drive we drove pass my house and decided to go over and swim, since it was such a pretty day. After about a hour of swimming we decided just to go back to Olivia’s house to hang out.

The next day was a Saturday, Olivia and I decided we wanted to go on a hike with our friends McKenzie, Mia, Lauren, Georgia, and Olivia’s little sister Jenny. Since it was a pretty day we decided to go on a local hike named Seven Falls, I had never been on it so I was super excited! We started our hike around 11:30 and didn’t finish it until about 2:30. The hike overall was super fun but kind of challenging, we had to climb over rocked and walk in creeks filled with water. The water was so pretty and there were so many pretty waterfalls! Our goal for the hike was to make it to the very top, which has the biggest waterfall that you can jump off of and land in a deep little pool.


The water was so clean and pretty, and by the time we got to the top we couldn’t help ourselves but to jump in with all of our clothes on. We chilled at the waterfall for about twenty minutes, and then decided to head back down the mountain. The hike was very long and very tiring, not to mention each of us were soaked in wet clothes!

Overall the hike was super fun and I would most definitely do it again with so friends. I would totally recommend it if you’re looking for something adventurous and different!

Have you ever gone waterfall jumping? Do you know of any new places my friends and I could go next weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


Gloomy day hikes!

Over this weekend my mom and I decided to go on a hike and try to find a waterfall. We finally decided on a local hike called San Ysidro. Both of us had never made it to the waterfall before, so we were both super excited! It was a super gloomy day, which  in my option is the perfect hiking weather! We had both didn’t really know where the hike was so we kinda sorta got super lost on our way to the hike, and what  I mean is that we really ended up on the other side of town. But once we did get there the parking went all of the way to the end of the road! When we finally got to the trail head the trail was extremely muddy, I found it super fun, but my mom absolutely hated it. The hike was overall super easy,  but very very long. It was super fun going on the hike and seeing all the creeks filled and rushing with water cause of all the rain. The waterwas super clear too and by the end of the hike I really wanted to jump in!


It was so nice spending some quality time with my mom because she has been traveling a ton lately, and hasn’t really been in town! We got to tell stories about what is going on in our lifes and she told me fun things she did while she was gone.

When we finally got to the waterfall it was so pretty and rushing with water. The long tiring hike was all worth it when we got to the waterfall. On our way back my mom and I saw a lot of family friends, which was fun to catching up with them.

Overall I had a super fun time on this hike with my mom, and we actually bonded a lot too! I would definitely recommend this hike to everyone, its super easy and fun!

Have you recently found a new hike around you? Do you know of any hikes I can try? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca!

Snow filled weekend in Mammoth!

Last weekend we had a four day weekend, so my family and I decided to head up to Mammoth to get some skiing in. The drive was about 8 hours, which isn’t that bad when I’m spending it with my family.

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It was pouring down snow when we got there, it looked like a winter wonder land. The entire town was covered in white snow. On the first day on the slopes I tried snowboarding for the first time. I’ve skied my entire life and wanted change things up. I was expecting it to be easy and not too bad, but oh how I was wrong. After about two hours of trying, but not succeeding, I gave up and went back to skies. Saturday was super pretty and sunny, but by the time we got to the highest peek, you couldn’t even see ten feet ahead of you. My mom wasn’t a big fan and would freak out every ten minutes, but I found it super fun.

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On the third and last day of our trip we decided to go to June lake, which is about a twenty minute drive away from Mammoth. We decided to go because its gets a lot less traffic and its more family friendly than Mammoth. It was my first time at June, so I was super excited. We started the day waiting in the first line, which is the only line to get up to the slopes. The line was super long and my family and I debated on weather we should wait in it or go. But by the time we got through the line and got to the top almost all of the ski lifts had no one on them are were almost completely empty. All of the runs were practically empty too, which meant I got to go super fast and not worry about running anyone down.

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Overall this trip was a lot of fun and I’m super happy I got to spend some time with my family. The snow was perfect as well as the weather!

Have you ever been to the snow? Do you snowboard or ski? Let me down below!

xoxo, francesca


Farmers Market and new faces!

This week my friend Curran asked if I could help him work at the farmers market selling wheat grass shots this week. I’ve always wanted to work at the farmers market, I go there every Tuesday, so when he asked I couldn’t say no.

It was a Tuesday, which this week meant that it was also Valentines day. For most people it means that they are either spending the day with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but for the other half it involves them sitting there room alone crying to sad music and eating all the candy they can find. But for me this year it meant that I was trying something new and getting myself out there, who knows maybe this year I’ll meet a cute farmer who will sweep me off my feet.

We started setting up at 2:30, and we were  ready by 2:45. Our stand was in between a honey and a fruit stand. I tried one of the wheat grass shot, and it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, It was actually super refreshing and sweet! Our first customer was a super sweet older man who said he took wheat shots everyday! After that we got a mix of different customers, some young some old. All of them were super nice and all had different stories to share! One of the many customers was an old women who said she had been a vegan for 94 year, and told us she wished she started being a vegan for longer!

We were selling wheat grass and barley grass shots, as well as carrot and orange juice that many customers used as “chasers”. Most customers got wheat grass, because it’s a whole lot sweeter than the barley shots, but some customers got this thing called around the world, which is one 2 ounce shots of barley, then wheat grass, orange juice and carrot juice!

We closed up our stand at about 6:00, and we were basically all out of the  shots and chasers! By the end of the day I was honestly so tired and couldn’t wait to jump into bed.

Overall my experience working at the farmer market was so much fun and I had such a good time meetings and getting to know so many new and different people. I would for sure do it again if I got the opportunity! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is given opportunity!

Have you guys tried something new and different recently? If so, let me know below!

Xoxo, Francesca

Tide pools and cloudy skys!

Over this week my friend Sofia and I decided to go and check out the tide pools at butterfly beach in Montecito since they are only around a few months out of the year. The day was super cloudy, cold, and damp but we decided to go anyways. We packed up our stuff and headed over to the beach. Our goal was to find fun little creatures and cool photo worthy shells, so we were excited to see that the beach was covered in mossy rocks and little tide pools. We slipped and fell about a hundred times on the moss covered rocks and by the end of it our shoes were soaked with water and covered in moss, but by the time we got to the end of the tide pool all the falling was totally worth the amazing view. Sofia and I weren’t really expecting much from this little adventure just going down to the beach which we take so much for granted, but we actually had a really fun time! We laughed at each other as we slipped on the rocks also as we danced on the rocks and listened to music and as we thought we found something cool but actually just finding some seaweed or a piece of trash. After about an hour of exploring the little pools and having absolutely no luck even finding the smallest of creatures and only about two photo worthy shells we gave up and drove over to chick-ful-a. We jammed out to some fun and up beat songs and feasted on chick sandwiches without pickles (of course) and some lemonade. All the calories where totally worth it after all of the hard tide pooling and exploring we had done earlier in the day. Overall this day was unexpectedly really fun, even though we didn’t find what we had come there to find. I would for sure do this again and I would recommend it to someone who is looking for something do by themselves or even with some friends!


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Outfit: shoes are from nike, overalls are from urban outfitters, and my sweater is from brandy melville!

xoxo, Francesca