Ice cream and friends!

Over this past weekend my friends Sophia, Jordan, and Chloe all decided to hang out! We started our day at Chloe’s house and then decided to go to Tinkers which is my favorite burger joint in Santa Barbara. I got fries and a shake and my friends got chicken nuggets. The fries there are literally the best fries I’ve ever had in my life not to mention they’re curly. We ate out food and decided to get some ice cream to finish off our meal.

We headed to a local ice cream shop and everyone got ice cream besides Jordan and I since we shared my shake. We decided to go to the rose garden to eat it and hang out. I’ve said this before but the rose garden is one of my favorite places in Santa Barbara! I love it because there is so much space to run around and have picnics while also getting the prettiest views of the roses, mountains, and the mission itself! Whenever I’m feeling down I also go to the rose garden to get some time alone and just enjoy the amazing view.

We ate our ice cream and hang out for about an hour before heading back Chloe’s house before calling it a day.

This little fun adventure filled with so much food was so much fun and it was a ton of fun hanging out with friends that I have not in such a long time! Maybe next weekend you should hang out with some friends that you haven’t hung out with in a while, trust me its so much fun catching up and telling old stories!

Have you had a day full of unhealthy snakes lately? Wheres your favorite place to go in your city  or even in the world! Do you have any places that I should go for my last blog post of the year? Let me know down below!

If you wanna see more photos like these check out my instagram! @wowzaitsfrancesca

Talk to you guys next week for my last blog post of the year :(…

xoxo, Francesca!


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