Skiing in France!

Last week I talked about my trip to Paris, this week I’ll be talking about my second half of my trip in France where we drove twelve hours to courchevel! Courchevel is a small mountain town in the french apls. The ski resort is huge and could take an entire day to go from one side to the other. I love every run there, each one being so pretty with great snow! Our house is right off the first run so we can literally ski to the mountain and be right at the lifts at the end of the hill.

Courchevel is by far my favorite mountain view out of anywhere I’ve ever been, not to mention everywhere has panoramic views reaching all the way to Sweden!

Skiing is one of my all time favorite activities so when I get to do it for eight entire days, I was living the dream. Since it was just the beginning of the season there was little snow at the bottom of the slopes but everywhere else was so pretty and filled with snow. Since we were there for so long we got to spend some parts of the day off of the slopes just adventuring to new places in the town one of them being a local hike that was so pretty and filled with rocks on the hill sides, it was so freaking pretty and breath talking.

Overall this trip was so much fun filled with such beautiful memories and moments and I hope to go back sometime with some friends and get to explore all parts of France! I recommend Paris and the French alps to anyone who is looking for a fun trip, especially if you are looking for trip full of new culture and places!

When was the last time you took a family vacation or went on a trip? Do you know of any must go places for me to travel next? Let me know down below!

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Talk to you guys next week!

xoxo, Francesca


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