Roses with some Mac and Cheese!

This week my friends and I decided to all meet up and have a picnic at our local mission in Santa Barbara. Earlier in the day we had all gone to the beach and hung out so we decided to meet back up and sunset to dine in the rose garden for dinner! It was a Sunday so we wanted to keep it mellow and small with just a few really close friends Olivia, Sky, Reece, and Kenzie. We decided to catch up because not all of us get to see each other everyday, some of us not even going to the same school!

Each of us brought a dish, but we only ate Kenzie’s 3 boxes of mac and cheese that could feed us for days. We took photos and adventured around to look at all the roses around the garden. Since next week is AP tests it was nice to keep it nice and simple not having to worry and stress about the upcoming tests!

The flowers at the rose garden are out of this world around this time of the year. We decided to stop and settle down by the prettiest yellow roses I’ve ever seen. They brought me so much joy just looking them!

We all laughed and talked to each other until sunset and admired the bright sky in front of the beautiful mission with all of the lovely roses. After eating as much mac and cheese as our stomaches could possibly hold and finishing all the chips and water we decided to call it a day and head back home.

The picnic was very fun and it was good to laugh with good friends after a long tough week and the great food and conversation made it the perfect way to end the weekend!

Did you do anything fun with your friends this week? Have you gone to somewhere pretty in your town? Do you know of anything fun I could do next week? Let me know down below! 

If you want to see more pictures like these check out my instagram @wowaitfrancesca !

Talk to you guys next week!

xoxo, Francesca!


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