The flowers I’ve seen this week!

Hey guys! This week I decided that I was gonna change things up and write about not only the many adventures I did this week, but the flowers I saw while I was on them, or even when I was just walking around!

The first mini adventure I went on was going to the rose garden at sunset while eating some ice-cream! We decided to go in the spur of the moment since when we passed the mission and saw that the rose garden was filled with beautiful roses! My favorite rose is down below, and this picture doesn’t even give it justice! The flowers glowed with color and seeing them made my day!

The next adventure I went on was to a local park that was filled with wild flowers. The yellow flowers brightened my day. The entire park was filled with colorful flowers, it was absolutely insane. We had to truck through bushes throughout the entire park. Every flower was unique and so vibrant!

On our way home we stopped by a house that had so many pretty flowers all over the front yard. We decided to stop by and check them out, they were all so pretty and elegant.

The last flowers I saw this week was when I was just walking around school to my next class. It was so crazy to me that I had never noticed these amazing flowers until this week, I pass them at least four times a day and had never even noticed them. Now when I pass them it bring me joy!

Seeing all these different and colorful flowers brought me joy and helped me throughout this tough week. Seeing all these flowers made me realize how beautiful the world can be.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog!

Did you do anything fun this week? Did you see anything that brought you joy? If you know of any other things I could do for next weeks or some fun adventure make sure to let me know down below!

If you want more picture like these make sure to follow my instgram @wowzaitsfrancesca !

xoxo, Francesca!



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