At the top of the hills!

Over this past weekend  my family and I decided to go up to San Ynez mountains in hopes of seeing miles of wild flowers since its the season. We decided to go up to Figueroa Mountain, which is about a forty five minute drive from Santa Barbara. The entire drive up was filled with views of rolling hills and mountains, it was insanely pretty. We got up to the mountain at around one o’clock. The way up the mountain was filled with whindy roads and green fields. When we got to the top of the mountain we settled down and had a little picnic where we all got to catch up and talk about everything new going on in everyone’s lives and trips everyone was going on.

We adventured around looking for wild flowers but we had no luck, all we could find were purple flowers and tiny bushes of poppies. After about two hours of being up on the mountain we decided to go even higher to see if we could find more wild flowers, but sadly it was a dead end so we finally gave up. We headed back down the mountain listening to some classic old tunes as we drove pass all the beautiful meadows.

On our way back down the mountain we passes dozens of cows and horses and decided to stop and pet some, they looked so happy being out in nature and living a natural free life.

Overall this day was super fun and it was super nice to get to catch up with all my family and see whats going on in their lives. The day was filled with such amazing views and memories, I can’t wait to go up to Figueroa Mountain again sometime soon, hopefully there will actually be some wild flowers!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Wheres your favorite adventure spot in your town? Do you know of any fun adventures I can go on next weekend? Make sure to let me know down below!

If you wanna see more pictures like these, make sure to go ahead and follow my Instagram @wowzaitsfrancesca !

xoxo, Francesca


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