Never Ending Meadows!

Over this past weekend my friends Olivia, Georgia, Miranda, Kenzie, and I wanted to go to this park in Goleta thats on Farren road. We decided to go last minute on Friday in the spur of the moment. The day was cloudy and looked as if it was about to rain but we decided to go anyway.

When we finally arrived the view there was absolutely amazing and breath taking, the hills looked like they went on forever and were covered in green grass and flowers. We decided to stop on the side of the road were there were yellow flowers and that had miles of green lush grass. Even though the weather kind of sucked since it was cold and cloudy the meadows were still amazing and beautiful.

We adventured, ran around, and messed with each other and hide in the tall grass from one another. It was extra fun because none of us really got to hang out all together over spring break since we were all on different trips at different times so it was fun hanging out with each other and playing around! After about an hour of messing around it started to drizzle which turned into rain. We decided to sing and dance in the rain until each of our clothes becoming absolutely soaked with water and we and we decided to head back to santa barbara. The day was still young so we decided to call up with some more friends to go and get donuts on our way back to santa barbara.

We feasted on donuts before calling an end to our adventure and just heading back to my friends house.

Overall this new adventure was so far the prettiest of them all with the breath taking views of the never ending meadows. I would recommend to anyone in santa barbara or people who live here, trust me you won’t regret it.

Have you gone on any fun adventures lately? Do you have any favorite places in your town? Let me know down below!

Oh also if you want to see more pictures like these make sure to get out my instagram, @wowzaitsfrancesca !

xoxo, Francesca


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