Spring break in the Mountains!

Last week was spring break, which normally involves going to a tropical pretty place, but for my family it means to go to coldest place around Mammoth. We left on Saturday and I came back on Wednesday. Last time that I was in Mammoth I had no friends and I had to stay with my family the entire time, but this time a ton and I mean a ton of people from Santa Barbara came up so I got to hang out with friends while there and got to ski with them!

My friend Devan and my other friend Georgia were up there so we got to spend a lot of time together and hung out with them after the slopes. Devan was staying in town and her house had a roof top hot tub with an amazing 360 view of the mountains.

Our first day there we went to June Lake which is about a twenty minute drive from Mammoth, nobody really ever goes to it so we were basically the only people on every slope but by the time we finished lunch the snow was so sticky that we decided to leave and go to Mammoth of the rest of the ski day.

I ended everyday about the time that the mountain would close, skiing with new friends everyday.

I decided to leave Mammoth early though because 9 days in my family RV with my family seemed to be a little too stressful for me and I wanted to be able to spend some time in Santa Barbara for spring break so I left on Wednesday while the rest of my family stayed behind.

On my seven hour drive back we stopped at a field of orange poppies that went for what it seemed miles. It was so pretty and breath taking.

Overall this little trip was so much fun and I got to meet a lot of new people and friends.

Do you still have spring break? If so when was it? What did you do? Let me know down below!


xoxo, Francesca


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