Yellow flower filled Day!

Last week my friend Oakleigh,Chase, and I decided to go up to this park in Summerland with a forest of yellow flowers! I had never been before and I have always wanted to so when Oakleigh brought it up i couldn’t say no. We also decided to go to our schools volleyball game as well as go to the beach to watch the sunset.

We started our adventure at Oakleigh’s house with some homemade grilled cheeses and milk shakes (which oak is amazing at making)! We then hopped into Oaklieghs car and went on our way to the field. The yellow flowers were so pretty and colorful, it was so pretty I could’ve just looked at them all day. When we got there we adventured around finding about 100 lady bugs and little bugs.

We stayed there for about thirty minutes before jumping back into Oakleigh’s car and going to our schools volleyball game. We honestly just went because they told us they were giving out free pizza to the first forty people who came, but when we got there we were informed that they were just giving free pizza out to freshman and seniors, not really sure why that was a thing but whatever. So after about ten minutes of being at the game without any free pizza we decided to leave and go to the beach to watch the sunset. We decided to go to More Mesa, which is in hope ranch. It was my first time going at sunset so I was super excited. It was so pretty because it was surrounded with miles of fields. It was honestly breath taking. When we got down to the beach there was a tire swing (which we of course had to go on) and a cliff looking over the beach. The tide was super high so we couldn’t walk down but just from up there it was so beautiful.

Overall this day was super adventures and filled with new different things!

Do you have any fun things you did this week? Do you have any recommendations for next weeks adventure? Make sure to let me know down below!

Xoxo, Francesca


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