Sunset Drives!

This past weekend my friends and I decided to go watch the sunset up in the mountains. I was with my friends Reece, Olivia, and Georgia. We decided to go on this adventure 30 minutes until the sunset, which would had been fine but we got lost on our way up and ended up in the middle of no where,  but we quickly got back on the main road and found our way to this stop on the middle of the drive and decided to watch it there. We were expecting it to be pretty, since Santa Barbara was clouded in and we would be above the clouds, but our expectations were blown out of the water. The sunset was not only amazing but it also had all of the colors a sun set could possibly have and the clouds on Santa Barbara looked amazing and out of this world.

The sky was a mixture of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and red. The clouds were cotton candy pink and looked as if you could just eat them. It was by far one of my top prettiest sunsets.

On our way up to the mountains we listened to chill music which fit the vibe and sang and danced along. We talked about how everything was going in our lives and laughed a ton.

When we got to our spot we met the weirdest couple ever, who wouldn’t stop telling us stories that did not really make any sense or add up, but we laughed it off. We stayed at the spot for about thirty minutes until the sun completely set and went back down the mountain. On our way down we listened to some good old song as we went on our way back to Georgia’s house.

Overall this small adventure was super fun and was filled with laughs and singing. Even though it was such a simple thing it ended up being so much more fun than we had ever expected.

When was the last time you did something fun with your friends? Do you have any fun places I can go next week? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca


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