Its a painting party!

Over this past weekend my friend Chloe and I wanted meet up and have one of our famous paint parties! We decided to do it on Sunday, I grabbed all of my painting gear, jumped into my car, and drove down to Chloe’s house. The day was pretty gloomy but still hot as heck. But the heat was so nice since it had been gloomy and freezing for the past few months!

This was our second ever painting party, the first one being at the beginning of the year. We try to do them as often as possible, but it is hard because Chloe and I have such different schedules. Chloe and I do not really get to see each other so when we do it is so nice to catch up with her and hear and tell funny and recent stories with each other. We listened to some good old classics and jam songs as we painted our hearts away and danced the day away.

After about two hours of painting our masterpieces were finally done. I decided to paint a cactus which matched with my painting I painted at our last painting party. Chloe decided on painting just some cool shapes and illusions with some bright and colorful paints! Chloe’s ended up looking so cool and trippy, while mine on the other hand looked pretty basic with basic plain colors. But hey you win some you lose some!

We ended our panting day which some dance moms, which Chloe and I both bound over and watch almost every time we hang out, and dinned on some fine chines food. I finally headed home at about eight thirty and passed out right when I got home!

The day was overall super fun and I had such a good time hanging out with Chloe. Our day was filled with good classic memories and endless laughter.

Did you guys do anything fun or unique this weekend? Have you ever had a painting party? Do you have anything fun I could try for next week? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca!


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