Gloomy day hikes!

Over this weekend my mom and I decided to go on a hike and try to find a waterfall. We finally decided on a local hike called San Ysidro. Both of us had never made it to the waterfall before, so we were both super excited! It was a super gloomy day, which  in my option is the perfect hiking weather! We had both didn’t really know where the hike was so we kinda sorta got super lost on our way to the hike, and what  I mean is that we really ended up on the other side of town. But once we did get there the parking went all of the way to the end of the road! When we finally got to the trail head the trail was extremely muddy, I found it super fun, but my mom absolutely hated it. The hike was overall super easy,  but very very long. It was super fun going on the hike and seeing all the creeks filled and rushing with water cause of all the rain. The waterwas super clear too and by the end of the hike I really wanted to jump in!


It was so nice spending some quality time with my mom because she has been traveling a ton lately, and hasn’t really been in town! We got to tell stories about what is going on in our lifes and she told me fun things she did while she was gone.

When we finally got to the waterfall it was so pretty and rushing with water. The long tiring hike was all worth it when we got to the waterfall. On our way back my mom and I saw a lot of family friends, which was fun to catching up with them.

Overall I had a super fun time on this hike with my mom, and we actually bonded a lot too! I would definitely recommend this hike to everyone, its super easy and fun!

Have you recently found a new hike around you? Do you know of any hikes I can try? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca!


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