Ice cream and friends!

Over this past weekend my friends Sophia, Jordan, and Chloe all decided to hang out! We started our day at Chloe’s house and then decided to go to Tinkers which is my favorite burger joint in Santa Barbara. I got fries and a shake and my friends got chicken nuggets. The fries there are literally the best fries I’ve ever had in my life not to mention they’re curly. We ate out food and decided to get some ice cream to finish off our meal.

We headed to a local ice cream shop and everyone got ice cream besides Jordan and I since we shared my shake. We decided to go to the rose garden to eat it and hang out. I’ve said this before but the rose garden is one of my favorite places in Santa Barbara! I love it because there is so much space to run around and have picnics while also getting the prettiest views of the roses, mountains, and the mission itself! Whenever I’m feeling down I also go to the rose garden to get some time alone and just enjoy the amazing view.

We ate our ice cream and hang out for about an hour before heading back Chloe’s house before calling it a day.

This little fun adventure filled with so much food was so much fun and it was a ton of fun hanging out with friends that I have not in such a long time! Maybe next weekend you should hang out with some friends that you haven’t hung out with in a while, trust me its so much fun catching up and telling old stories!

Have you had a day full of unhealthy snakes lately? Wheres your favorite place to go in your city  or even in the world! Do you have any places that I should go for my last blog post of the year? Let me know down below!

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Talk to you guys next week for my last blog post of the year :(…

xoxo, Francesca!


Skiing in France!

Last week I talked about my trip to Paris, this week I’ll be talking about my second half of my trip in France where we drove twelve hours to courchevel! Courchevel is a small mountain town in the french apls. The ski resort is huge and could take an entire day to go from one side to the other. I love every run there, each one being so pretty with great snow! Our house is right off the first run so we can literally ski to the mountain and be right at the lifts at the end of the hill.

Courchevel is by far my favorite mountain view out of anywhere I’ve ever been, not to mention everywhere has panoramic views reaching all the way to Sweden!

Skiing is one of my all time favorite activities so when I get to do it for eight entire days, I was living the dream. Since it was just the beginning of the season there was little snow at the bottom of the slopes but everywhere else was so pretty and filled with snow. Since we were there for so long we got to spend some parts of the day off of the slopes just adventuring to new places in the town one of them being a local hike that was so pretty and filled with rocks on the hill sides, it was so freaking pretty and breath talking.

Overall this trip was so much fun filled with such beautiful memories and moments and I hope to go back sometime with some friends and get to explore all parts of France! I recommend Paris and the French alps to anyone who is looking for a fun trip, especially if you are looking for trip full of new culture and places!

When was the last time you took a family vacation or went on a trip? Do you know of any must go places for me to travel next? Let me know down below!

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Talk to you guys next week!

xoxo, Francesca

Winter Days in Paris!

This week I’m going to be telling you guys about a trip I look to France back in December! My family lives in France so once a year we go and visit them while adventuring around the city! Paris is such a pretty city, every building is different and detailed. I love just walking around the city seeing so many old buildings and trees.

I love Paris and I hope one day I can spend time there with friends walking around trying new things! The city is so big and so easy to walk from place to place. Even when stuck in the city traffic you still have views of such pretty streets and buildings everywhere you go! I love all the parks and trees and of course the fountains. A must do when going to France is going to Angelina’s cafe, the hot chocolate is the die for and tastes like you’re just slipping on melted chocolate!

Anyone who visits France will find something that they love about it, no doubt! Another must do while in Paris is to go to as many art museums as you can! They have so so so many museums all over the city in such different and unique places. My all time favorite is Musee d’Orsay, which is in a old train station in the middle of the city. I think my favorite part isn’t the Museums art, but the building itself its so pretty. My favorite part of the Museum is the old clock that they have that is pictured below!

Overall Paris is such an amazing city that I recommend to everyone who is looking for a fun trip overseas!

Next week I’ll be writing about the second half of  my trip to France, so make sure not to miss out!

Have you been on any fun trips with your family or friends lately? Do you know of amazing trips that I must go on this summer? Let me know down below!

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Talk to you guys next week!

xoxo, Francesca!

Roses with some Mac and Cheese!

This week my friends and I decided to all meet up and have a picnic at our local mission in Santa Barbara. Earlier in the day we had all gone to the beach and hung out so we decided to meet back up and sunset to dine in the rose garden for dinner! It was a Sunday so we wanted to keep it mellow and small with just a few really close friends Olivia, Sky, Reece, and Kenzie. We decided to catch up because not all of us get to see each other everyday, some of us not even going to the same school!

Each of us brought a dish, but we only ate Kenzie’s 3 boxes of mac and cheese that could feed us for days. We took photos and adventured around to look at all the roses around the garden. Since next week is AP tests it was nice to keep it nice and simple not having to worry and stress about the upcoming tests!

The flowers at the rose garden are out of this world around this time of the year. We decided to stop and settle down by the prettiest yellow roses I’ve ever seen. They brought me so much joy just looking them!

We all laughed and talked to each other until sunset and admired the bright sky in front of the beautiful mission with all of the lovely roses. After eating as much mac and cheese as our stomaches could possibly hold and finishing all the chips and water we decided to call it a day and head back home.

The picnic was very fun and it was good to laugh with good friends after a long tough week and the great food and conversation made it the perfect way to end the weekend!

Did you do anything fun with your friends this week? Have you gone to somewhere pretty in your town? Do you know of anything fun I could do next week? Let me know down below! 

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Talk to you guys next week!

xoxo, Francesca!

The flowers I’ve seen this week!

Hey guys! This week I decided that I was gonna change things up and write about not only the many adventures I did this week, but the flowers I saw while I was on them, or even when I was just walking around!

The first mini adventure I went on was going to the rose garden at sunset while eating some ice-cream! We decided to go in the spur of the moment since when we passed the mission and saw that the rose garden was filled with beautiful roses! My favorite rose is down below, and this picture doesn’t even give it justice! The flowers glowed with color and seeing them made my day!

The next adventure I went on was to a local park that was filled with wild flowers. The yellow flowers brightened my day. The entire park was filled with colorful flowers, it was absolutely insane. We had to truck through bushes throughout the entire park. Every flower was unique and so vibrant!

On our way home we stopped by a house that had so many pretty flowers all over the front yard. We decided to stop by and check them out, they were all so pretty and elegant.

The last flowers I saw this week was when I was just walking around school to my next class. It was so crazy to me that I had never noticed these amazing flowers until this week, I pass them at least four times a day and had never even noticed them. Now when I pass them it bring me joy!

Seeing all these different and colorful flowers brought me joy and helped me throughout this tough week. Seeing all these flowers made me realize how beautiful the world can be.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog!

Did you do anything fun this week? Did you see anything that brought you joy? If you know of any other things I could do for next weeks or some fun adventure make sure to let me know down below!

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xoxo, Francesca!


At the top of the hills!

Over this past weekend  my family and I decided to go up to San Ynez mountains in hopes of seeing miles of wild flowers since its the season. We decided to go up to Figueroa Mountain, which is about a forty five minute drive from Santa Barbara. The entire drive up was filled with views of rolling hills and mountains, it was insanely pretty. We got up to the mountain at around one o’clock. The way up the mountain was filled with whindy roads and green fields. When we got to the top of the mountain we settled down and had a little picnic where we all got to catch up and talk about everything new going on in everyone’s lives and trips everyone was going on.

We adventured around looking for wild flowers but we had no luck, all we could find were purple flowers and tiny bushes of poppies. After about two hours of being up on the mountain we decided to go even higher to see if we could find more wild flowers, but sadly it was a dead end so we finally gave up. We headed back down the mountain listening to some classic old tunes as we drove pass all the beautiful meadows.

On our way back down the mountain we passes dozens of cows and horses and decided to stop and pet some, they looked so happy being out in nature and living a natural free life.

Overall this day was super fun and it was super nice to get to catch up with all my family and see whats going on in their lives. The day was filled with such amazing views and memories, I can’t wait to go up to Figueroa Mountain again sometime soon, hopefully there will actually be some wild flowers!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Wheres your favorite adventure spot in your town? Do you know of any fun adventures I can go on next weekend? Make sure to let me know down below!

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xoxo, Francesca

Never Ending Meadows!

Over this past weekend my friends Olivia, Georgia, Miranda, Kenzie, and I wanted to go to this park in Goleta thats on Farren road. We decided to go last minute on Friday in the spur of the moment. The day was cloudy and looked as if it was about to rain but we decided to go anyway.

When we finally arrived the view there was absolutely amazing and breath taking, the hills looked like they went on forever and were covered in green grass and flowers. We decided to stop on the side of the road were there were yellow flowers and that had miles of green lush grass. Even though the weather kind of sucked since it was cold and cloudy the meadows were still amazing and beautiful.

We adventured, ran around, and messed with each other and hide in the tall grass from one another. It was extra fun because none of us really got to hang out all together over spring break since we were all on different trips at different times so it was fun hanging out with each other and playing around! After about an hour of messing around it started to drizzle which turned into rain. We decided to sing and dance in the rain until each of our clothes becoming absolutely soaked with water and we and we decided to head back to santa barbara. The day was still young so we decided to call up with some more friends to go and get donuts on our way back to santa barbara.

We feasted on donuts before calling an end to our adventure and just heading back to my friends house.

Overall this new adventure was so far the prettiest of them all with the breath taking views of the never ending meadows. I would recommend to anyone in santa barbara or people who live here, trust me you won’t regret it.

Have you gone on any fun adventures lately? Do you have any favorite places in your town? Let me know down below!

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xoxo, Francesca

Spring break in the Mountains!

Last week was spring break, which normally involves going to a tropical pretty place, but for my family it means to go to coldest place around Mammoth. We left on Saturday and I came back on Wednesday. Last time that I was in Mammoth I had no friends and I had to stay with my family the entire time, but this time a ton and I mean a ton of people from Santa Barbara came up so I got to hang out with friends while there and got to ski with them!

My friend Devan and my other friend Georgia were up there so we got to spend a lot of time together and hung out with them after the slopes. Devan was staying in town and her house had a roof top hot tub with an amazing 360 view of the mountains.

Our first day there we went to June Lake which is about a twenty minute drive from Mammoth, nobody really ever goes to it so we were basically the only people on every slope but by the time we finished lunch the snow was so sticky that we decided to leave and go to Mammoth of the rest of the ski day.

I ended everyday about the time that the mountain would close, skiing with new friends everyday.

I decided to leave Mammoth early though because 9 days in my family RV with my family seemed to be a little too stressful for me and I wanted to be able to spend some time in Santa Barbara for spring break so I left on Wednesday while the rest of my family stayed behind.

On my seven hour drive back we stopped at a field of orange poppies that went for what it seemed miles. It was so pretty and breath taking.

Overall this little trip was so much fun and I got to meet a lot of new people and friends.

Do you still have spring break? If so when was it? What did you do? Let me know down below!


xoxo, Francesca

Yellow flower filled Day!

Last week my friend Oakleigh,Chase, and I decided to go up to this park in Summerland with a forest of yellow flowers! I had never been before and I have always wanted to so when Oakleigh brought it up i couldn’t say no. We also decided to go to our schools volleyball game as well as go to the beach to watch the sunset.

We started our adventure at Oakleigh’s house with some homemade grilled cheeses and milk shakes (which oak is amazing at making)! We then hopped into Oaklieghs car and went on our way to the field. The yellow flowers were so pretty and colorful, it was so pretty I could’ve just looked at them all day. When we got there we adventured around finding about 100 lady bugs and little bugs.

We stayed there for about thirty minutes before jumping back into Oakleigh’s car and going to our schools volleyball game. We honestly just went because they told us they were giving out free pizza to the first forty people who came, but when we got there we were informed that they were just giving free pizza out to freshman and seniors, not really sure why that was a thing but whatever. So after about ten minutes of being at the game without any free pizza we decided to leave and go to the beach to watch the sunset. We decided to go to More Mesa, which is in hope ranch. It was my first time going at sunset so I was super excited. It was so pretty because it was surrounded with miles of fields. It was honestly breath taking. When we got down to the beach there was a tire swing (which we of course had to go on) and a cliff looking over the beach. The tide was super high so we couldn’t walk down but just from up there it was so beautiful.

Overall this day was super adventures and filled with new different things!

Do you have any fun things you did this week? Do you have any recommendations for next weeks adventure? Make sure to let me know down below!

Xoxo, Francesca

Sunset Drives!

This past weekend my friends and I decided to go watch the sunset up in the mountains. I was with my friends Reece, Olivia, and Georgia. We decided to go on this adventure 30 minutes until the sunset, which would had been fine but we got lost on our way up and ended up in the middle of no where,  but we quickly got back on the main road and found our way to this stop on the middle of the drive and decided to watch it there. We were expecting it to be pretty, since Santa Barbara was clouded in and we would be above the clouds, but our expectations were blown out of the water. The sunset was not only amazing but it also had all of the colors a sun set could possibly have and the clouds on Santa Barbara looked amazing and out of this world.

The sky was a mixture of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and red. The clouds were cotton candy pink and looked as if you could just eat them. It was by far one of my top prettiest sunsets.

On our way up to the mountains we listened to chill music which fit the vibe and sang and danced along. We talked about how everything was going in our lives and laughed a ton.

When we got to our spot we met the weirdest couple ever, who wouldn’t stop telling us stories that did not really make any sense or add up, but we laughed it off. We stayed at the spot for about thirty minutes until the sun completely set and went back down the mountain. On our way down we listened to some good old song as we went on our way back to Georgia’s house.

Overall this small adventure was super fun and was filled with laughs and singing. Even though it was such a simple thing it ended up being so much more fun than we had ever expected.

When was the last time you did something fun with your friends? Do you have any fun places I can go next week? Let me know down below!

xoxo, Francesca